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"Tonnes of enthusiasm, amazing voices & a superb performance"

- Derek Smith, The Stage

"A really livelly set, great show boys"

- Horse Shoe, Blackpool

"Loved the guys, they are full of life & their vocals blended superbly. True talent!

- Jean Gilles, Vocal Coach - Bolton School of music

"These guys were great and are a MUST for a return on several nights for our Christmas shows"

- The Pride of Lincoln

"The lads were under a lot of pressure as they were my 5th blues bros tribute however they stormed it hence rebookings through the year culminating with a 4 night run at Christmas, the best blues brothers tribute we've seen!"

- Hatfields Doncaster

"Just one word to describe this show - Spectacula!"

- Inn the Middle

"These guys were that good we have included them in our wedding package. Incredible!"

- Mansfield Hosiery Mills S and S club

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